Anambra Guber Election ,Thugs hired against strong contender by Mazi Odera

The intrigue in ANAMBRA is getting funnier and phony ,since they killed the benevolent spirit that cracked the political kernel they are enjoying in Agu Oka .
Just a night after the SA to Gov Obiano in Thuggery Mr Ben Obi ,known as Igwe APGA or MBUZE AGULU spoke to ONTV correspondent in Awka Mr Bamidele Ajayi JP ,where he spoke the mind of his Boss who he held brief for ,they said that all candidates coming out to contest against Gov Obiano are all Fraudulent people.

As that is still been considered side by side with what they said against IMO State Governor Rochas Okorocha who they called EPITOME OF FRAUD .

Then they also called DELTA state Government irresponsible racketeers last week .

Still moving with same spirit ,the SA to Obiano who spoke to ONTV ,a man legendary for acting without thinking forgot to add that they hired some thugs ,maybe selected from one of the many Youths the government kept in bondage with a hope of using them as touts during the election.
The selected touts were transported to Abuja to act a script against Senator Andy Uba for been one of the TOP hopeful contenders as a former Governor and a serving senator with enough Financial muscle to match the incumbent.

The hired thugs went to Abuja ,acted the script ,get paid and free Government transport back to base ,maybe next they send them against Ngige and on and on ..

The question is ,why not give this youths employment than using them as thugs and daft homeless ?
Ogini ka anyI ji isi kote na ANAMBRA state ?