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Yesterday, the South East Professional Women Association in Nigeria and Diaspora paid a courtesy call to my office.

The delegation was there to discuss the issue of vulnerable young women being sold into sex slavery — many of them, for the purpose of giving birth to babies that will be eventually sold to unsuspecting parents through rogue adoption agencies.

The delegation also emphasized the need for Nigeria to work to provide our young women with the necessary skills, education and opportunities like seed funding in order to make this critical demographic more productive in all areas of their lives.

I commend the delegation for their commitment to the issues raised and assure them of the Senate’s continued support.

Moving forward, through legislation, the Nigerian Senate will work on advocating to enforce our laws around sex trafficking.

Additionally, we will work with the State Assemblies, who work on issues that are related to adoption, to ensure that Baby-Making factories are outlawed across the nation.

Next week, in order to give the necessary legislative backing to this issue, the Senate will be discussing the concerns of the delegation at a plenary session. We will also continue to work to ensure that the young women in our society have access to employment opportunities through our economic priority bills that are aimed at creating up to 7 million jobs.

Finally, we will also work towards pushing and passing legislation that is aimed at ensuring that our young women have access to credit to start businesses of their own in their communities.


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